Bespoke Hats:

I can, within reason, make whatever style hat you desire, below are some examples.



A large "port & starboard" bicorne

in the style of Captain Barbossa

from Pirates of the Caribbean.



Black, Cavalier style hat with

hand made, cotton bias binding,

head band and brim edging.





"Indiana Jones" style hat.


Black tricorn with silver,

metalic braid and silver

brim edging.





One of four, large tricorns made

for "Captain Sinker"

from the CBeeBies show





Period wedding hat in the style

of Angelica Teach from

Pirates of the Caribbean.



Chelsea Pensioner tricorn

with gold brim edging,

leather laced up folds

and top button.





Black tricorn with heavy,

metallic braid brim edging with a

satin ribbon and braid cockade.




One of six various hats made for

a re-enctment group in Malta.



A pair of miniature tricorns

made for two Jack Russell









A rather ostentatious

Pilgrim hat !




17th century boy's

hat made for a museum.





Another fancy tricorn.

Five miniature Cavalier hats

made for a group of ladies

for their nights out!